All three of our daughters have attended preschool at Nancy's Noah's Ark. The experience has been incredible for all of them! Over the weekends, they have always asked, "How many more days until I get to go back to school?" We are so impressed with the staff, facility and amazing programs offered. There is always something exciting going on that each one of my girls have looked forward to.
After seven years at Nancy's, it's hard to believe that our youngest daughter will be moving on to kindergarten in the Fall. We will definitely make sure we come back for frequent visits! Tina K.
I like to think that my wife and I are fun, cool parents, but our son always wants to be picked up as late as possible. It’s like he’d rather be at Nancy’s than at home with his family! When we finally do get him home though, we love the nightly sign language and Spanish lessons he gives us at the dinner table. Jody B.
Nancy's Noah's Ark has provided our family with the best care, preparation, and academic variety to our two kids. As a former student of NNA, it was such a treat to be able to have my kids attend the same preschool I did over 25 years ago.
The welcoming staff treat our kids with warmth and care. Our son's current teacher is more than what we could have asked for. She's thorough, patient, and structured. The academic leaps and bounds he's making is amazing. He comes home showing us new sign language, tells us words in Spanish, and sings some of his latest tunes from music.
The preparation our daughter had for kindergarten was right on par. She was accustomed to all the expectations of classroom management such as circle time, walking in line with her class, raising her hand to answer questions, etc. These tasks along with the excellent curriculum and activities gave her the knowledge and ability to dive into full-day kindergarten without any concerns.
Thank you to all the staff at Nancy's Noah's Ark for providing an outstanding level of professionalism and service to our family. Leia S.
Nancy's Noah's Ark and their wonderful staff have been a true blessing to our family! They deeply care about each child and their family. The curriculum provides the children with a well-rounded variety of social, spiritual, and academic experiences. The creativity of activities at Nancy's Noah's Ark continues to amaze me! Justyn and Julie S.
I wanted to share about how thrilled I am with Nancy's Noah's Ark. My daughter's first experience with daycare was not a positive one. Since moving her to Nancy's I have watched her blossom into a happier, more secure child.
The staff is unbelievably wonderful and I know she is in the best possible care. They don't just play at Nancy's, there is an art program, music class, Spanish and Sign Language class. The most funny thing happened at her five year old check-up at the doctor. The doctor asked her if she could count to ten, name the shapes and say her ABC's. Well, not only did she have all the correct answers, but she signed them and said them in Spanish. The doctor was blown away!
My older son goes to Nancy's as well for the before and after school care. His favorite thing to do is the media center, video games, etc. He also loves arts and crafts, and when they go outside on the racetrack.

Thank you to Nancy's!

Desiree and Todd L
Thank you so much for making our time and experience at the school wonderful. We greatly appreciated your flexibility, compassion and making us feel a part of the Nancy's family. Katie and Kevin L.
I can't think of a better environment for my daughter to have been able to grow up in. She get's "upset" when I pick her up too early. This is far more than a Day Care...it is a educational head start for the kids. Thanks you so much to all of the teachers that have helped my daughter develop into a self-sufficient Kindergartener. Jen c.