% COMPANY%'s Christian pre-kindergarten class is an exciting year-long program that helps young students build the skills and strategies they need to succeed in kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten is a transitory year for your child, where the things they learned in preschool will be built upon, and the foundational knowledge that they will require in kindergarten will be introduced.

We look forward to giving your children the tools they need to be successful in the future.

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Pre-K is generally reserved for kids under the age of 5 years old. Our pre-kindergarten learning plays an instrumental role in early childhood education because it strengthens the tools your kids already have and gives them new ones to work on. At this age, your kid is absorbing information at a very high rate, so it is the perfect time to be learning the fundamentals of behaviors and essential skills that will ensure they are well-adjusted people throughout their lives.

With a Christian basis and an educational focus, Nancy's Noah's Ark%'s Pre-K is the perfect way to prepare your child for the next step in their education.

Getting Your Kids Ready for Kindergarten

Of all the teaching we do, pre-kindergarten is one of our favorites. The excitement of the upcoming years is already on the children's minds.

The goal of pre-kindergarten is to give your child the tools they need to succeed at kindergarten the following years academically and socially.

Building Confidence in Math, Reading, Writing, and Organizational Skills

The fundamentals of literacy and numeracy developed in preschool will be improved and built upon in Pre-K. More complicated arithmetical concepts will be introduced, along with some of the basic ideas about science.

Organization skills is another of our main focus. Many students struggle with organization throughout their academic careers, and it can be a significant impediment. We like to teach, early on, the importance of good organizational habits, and we make it fun too.

Enrich Your Young Student's Learning at Nancy's Noah's Ark

Pre-kindergarten is all about strengthening the novice skills learned in preschool, so your little students are prepared for an increasingly more intense workload and the school year's progress. Pre- Kindergarten is the first opportunity your children experience advancement in learning, and they love the challenges that come along with that.

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We love teaching kids and sending them on their way to higher learning. At this young age, your child has so much potential, and we want to give them the tools to see that potential for themselves and harness it. Through effective teaching and the love of Christ, your child will have all the tools they need to advance.

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