Before and After School Care

Before and after school care at Nancy's Noah's Ark is an excellent place for your child to be. Our nurturing, safe, and calm environment provides a space for your kids to continue their learning after school.

Our before and after school care staff are all educational professionals and will have fun with your children while teaching them something new. There is no shortage of arts and crafts projects or activities to keep your child engaged.

Call (425) 745-4830 if you need a place for your kids to go before or after school––or both!

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Experienced Team of Before and After School Care Teachers

Our after-school care workers are all licensed and certified to teach your children. Everyone on our staff has a vast knowledge of activities we can do until pick-up.

We love kids, and we love spending time with them and watching them grow into happy, strong, and competent young people. Our Christian basis will add to the experience. Through the teachings of Christ, your kids will gain yet another tool to approach life with strength and compassion.

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Lots of Fun and Useful Activities to Do Before and After School

After school, your child will still have a lot of energy to burn. The things we do in the after-school program are designed to coax out that remaining energy, so they are tuckered out by the time they are home for dinner. Our after-school program will include an educational or Christian basis because we believe that both of those elements are extremely important.

From art to sports, to time on the computers, your children will have no shortage of things to expend their energy on. We are a professional team of caregivers, and we love spending time with young minds such as your child's. Contact us today to sign up.

Before and After School Program: What Parents Need to Know

We designed our before and after school care programs to give your kids the space they need to cool down after school, but it should be mentioned that it is convenient for parents too. Parents should try to pick their children up as soon as possible because we need the time to prepare for the next day.

We want to create a unique environment where friendships can be made, skills will be learned, and laughs can be had.

Adding to Your Child's Education

We don't just let your kids mess around aimlessly. Every day we have appointed activities they can do that target a particular element of their education. We do team games, physical education, arts and crafts, and many more things that help your kids at school.

For an educational before and after school program better than any babysitter – call our team today.

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Call us right away if our after-school care activities sound beneficial to your schedule and your child's growth.

We love spending time with your children and watching them grow into the amazing people they will become, so please call us right away if you think this could be helpful.

You can reach us at (425) 745-4830 to get started.