Nancy's Noah's Ark is a great place to send your child to develop their learning for the future. We are a Christian-oriented preschool dedicated to helping build a solid foundation for your child's knowledge. We provide a safe environment for your children to learn all the basics that will help them succeed in future schooling.

We are very flexible to your child's baseline learning level and their age upon entry. We are passionate about teaching kids how to learn and make friends.

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Learning Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Beyond giving your child a head start on social interactions, we will teach them the fundamentals tools they will use throughout life. Learning how to read and write effectively is key to understanding more effectively in the future.

Your child will learn the basics of arithmetic in a fun way surrounded by their young peers who will support them in their learning and social growth.

Beyond learning the basics of literacy and numeracy, we will start teaching your children the teachings of Christ, yet another tool to help them throughout life.

Mastering Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, and More

We believe that preschool should be a memorable experience for your child in many ways. We want them to remember the nurturing and positive environment of the school itself, but also everything they learned here.

We emphasize learning the basics by doing letter and number writing exercises to build a solid foundation that will come in handy later in life.

We do monthly themed units, so there is always variety in what the children learn, including:

  • Teaching calendar time
  • Weather units
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • And more

There will be weekly music and gymnastics, and now and then, the kids will have some fun doing art projects.

Learning the Importance of Friendship and Good Manners

Beyond learning the basics of education, we want to teach your children proper manners and etiquette. We will help teach appropriate behaviors and ways to conduct oneself that will enable them to have a healthy social life.

By completing many educational exercises together, your child will learn what it means to be a good friend and the importance of teamwork. These are just a few of the invaluable skills your child will learn in the hands of our dedicated teachers. Call us if you want to learn more.

A Safe and Nurturing Environment to Develop Your Child's Learning in the Future

Above all, we want your children to learn in a positive and safe environment. We have worked hard to create that space for your kids to learn, be happy, make friends, and discover the love of Christ.

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