Program Directors

Miss Nancy has had over thirty-five years of early childhood experience, and has a passion for developing creative learning environments and the feeling of a home away from home. As she continues to integrate new information of early childhood strategies Nancy's Noah's Ark remains fresh and innovative, preparing young learners. Nancy's daughter, Miss MaryAnn, has had over twenty-two years of early childhood experience and offers an extensive background in nutrition and physical education. She is excited to incorporate this knowledge into our program and stress its importance to young minds and bodies at our school.

Miss Pam is our Art Director, and supervisor, has over thirty years of early childhood experience. Miss Pam strives to create opportunities to enhance children's creative expression, by putting their own stamp on the art program.

Miss Anna and Miss Christina are our Music Directors. They both have over ten years of early childhood experience and music instruction. Our directors create a wonderful program that fosters appreciation for music and the arts. They also integrate Kindermusik, Sign Language and Spanish into our music programs.