Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) instruction is included with all of our pre-kindergarten classes at Nancy's Noah's Ark. We use interactive games, activities, books and music to enhance your child's learning experience. The curriculum goas well beyond colors and animals to include signs related to: common expressions, feelings, family, food, community, school, home, time, counting, days of the week, seasons, activities/sports, likes/dislikes, holidays, and more!

When children are taught English and ASL together they are processing language using both sides of their brains. They process verbal sounds on the left side of the brain and ASL as pictures and images on the right side of the brain, giving them two places to recall language from.

Research shows that using sign language in an early childhood literatcy program increases vocabulary, improves letter and word recognition, helps young children focus on learning, and enhances communication between children, parents and teachers.(Business Week Online)