Nancy's Noah's Ark's kindergarten class is the best place you can send your kids to embark on their official school days. We are a Christian kindergarten with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and educational betterment of your children regardless of their learning level.

We have a team of experienced kindergarten teachers who love teaching your children and watching them grow. We will help your children advance everything they learned in preschool and pre-kindergarten to more complex levels.

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Help Your Child Grow with Our Amazing Kindergarten Teachers

Our excellent kindergarten teachers have a passion for helping young students bud into passionate learners for the rest of their academic careers. With careers that span many years, our teachers have all the tools and strategies that your young kids need to succeed going forward.

Our passion goes a long way because when we display enthusiasm, it gets passed down to our kids and helps them stay engaged. We utilize many fun-loving and educational methods to teach increasingly complex ideas in math, reading, writing, and more.

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Building Reading and Writing with the Tools Your Child Has

Having graduated from preschool and Pre-K, our kindergarten will dial up the intensity of their learning.

Reading fundamentals will become reading comprehension lessons, letter mastery will become writing exercises, and basic math principles will be applied to specific problems.

This slow but steady increase in learning difficulty is good for your child's brain and gives them the tools they need to succeed going further. This increase in learning also allows us to assess your child's learning progress and find weak points that need attention. We are invested in the overall academic success of your child, and we want them to be socially successful as well. Everything we will teach your child in our class will be done with those two things in mind.

Reading Comprehension and Language-Based Art Activities

Reading comprehension goes a few steps beyond simple reading fundamentals. We will help your children start thinking about what they are reading to put the pieces together and understand it better.

Language-based art activities allow your kids to think about the fundamentals of language in new ways. The more time they spend with these ideas, no matter what form, their literacy will be positive.

Introducing More Complicated Math

In the same way, your child's literacy skills will be improved by applying more pressure to the problematic concepts, and their math skills will be enhanced through more complicated math. We will introduce word problems and basic equations to improve their skills.

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We are passionate about teaching children, and we look forward to speaking with their parents as well.

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